Stradivari design. The persuaders

The flow of history forcefully issuing from this illustrious forefather has reached us today, and has eventually given rise to Stradivari Design, the company of Luca Stradivari and David Bodino, who are fully committed to permeate the challenging arena of contemporary society with their entire heritage of knowledge and experience gathered through the centuries.


Villas, buildings, gardens, decor and daily use items ... to all that enrich our lives Stradivari Design bestows a fundamental ingredient: the fascination of works that are really performed “according to art.”


As we said, design is beauty, originality and usefulness. It is beauty as seen in the placid Italian villages in which Shakespeare set his comedies and where millions of people choose to take their fill of elegance and harmony. Originality still remains that of Antonio, the luthier, his workshop and his heirs, who preferred not to do anything rather than make an object “like all the others,” but instead, with Taoist patience, waited amid vain ambitions to draw the right inspiration to produce an authentic creation. It was the challenge to either achieve a unique item, or nothing at all.

Usefulness is what eventually gives depth and significance to the excellence of Italian artisanal works, and due to this the king’s saddle has to be not only the richest and most stunning, but also the most comfortable of all. According to the ”official” story, modern ergonomic science started during WWII with the group of workers of the British Admiralty. If this is so, how should we then regard the drawings of Leonardo, the architecture of Leon Battista Alberti and the instruments of Antonio Stradivari?

To get you to the top, you would need a big leap, a good run-up, and Luca Stradivari and David Bodino are at your disposition with their know-how, developed across the centuries of design and unique building experience. Why settle for anything less?







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