the Stradivari legend

As the legend goes, to give his violins that deep and vibrant sound enriched with fully resonant tones, Antonio Stradivari made use of wood originating from trees that had survived Europe’s periods of intense cold between the 17th and 18th centuries. And that to strengthen those essences, he treated the wood with a special “recipe” based on potash, silica and carbon. It is also believed that he prepared varnishes imbued with volcanic ash found in the territories around Cremona, and achieved that particular sound by varying the shape and materials of the decor...
The flow of history forcefully issuing from this illustrious forefather has reached us today, and has eventually given rise to Stradivari Design, the company of Luca Stradivari and David Bodino, who are fully committed to permeate the challenging arena of contemporary society with their entire heritage of knowledge and experience gathered through the centuries.   Villas, buildings, gardens, decor and daily use items ... to all that enrich our lives Stradivari Design bestows a fundamental ingredient: the fascination of works that are really performed “according to...
It is not easy to succeed in making our lives correspond as much as possible to our most authentic, profound and even wildest desires, but Luca has always managed to do this. Luca is strongly convinced that the biggest scam lies in the sense of guilt inculcated in us with regard to pleasure, comfort, beauty and luxury in general. He believes that the objective is not to live in mediocrity for fear of offending the sensitivity of prigs, but rather, to help as many people as possible to enjoy the utmost of what life has to offer in terms of harmony, beauty and human...
David Bodino is well aware that beyond the beauty of words, design is a battlefield. The engineers have barricaded themselves behind a defence line, convinced that every object has to be first of all functional, and efficient, also to the detriment of aesthetic quality. In the opposing trench line we find the artists, directors, and trend setters, a certain genre of architects, who above all else are advocates of harmony and beauty. This is a painful but inevitable conflict, especially for people like David, who were born in a corner of the world where these...


interior design

The interior designer is the psychoanalyst of your house, your new home that has never hosted anyone up to now and has to be helped to tune in on your rhythms, desires, and habits. Or else that old vintage house, which, after cutting across the centuries and bearing witness to so many events, must now harmonize with your very personal contemporary lifestyle. Houses, like man, possess a soul and thus have to be helped to fight the disharmonies, neurosis, and a thousand probable discomforts that can upset your serenity.


And this is our task: just as Antonio Stradivari taught his violins how to comply with the musicians in their intentions, in the same manner the designers of the company bearing his name, try to make your homes correspond under all aspects to your most authentic and profound expectations and wishes.

In a house designed by Stradivari Design, passageways are flexible, decor items are proportionate and functional to the intended use, materials endure in time, technologies are useful and energy efficient, rooms are healthy and peaceful, and each tiny detail is taken care of to suit the aesthetic tastes of the master of the house. Call it quality of life, if you wish.





industrial design

tailor made

Prestigious materials examined batch by batch to make sure that the tiniest imperfections do not show up today or in the future. Functionality, ergonomics and comfort guaranteed by specific design methodologies and severe tests. Refined aesthetics woven around the customer’s personality, and enriched by sober and elegant furnishing (because as Le Corbusier said, “decorative art needs no embellishment”).

We are not only speaking of musical instruments produced by Antonio Stradivari. We are dealing with made-to-measure furniture designed and built by Stradivari Design which after all, holds a lot in common with the Cremona Master’s violins. Come to think of it: not only your clothes are made to measure by the best tailors and your shoes manufactured by the best shoe craftsmen. Even your travels and holidays are tailored to your requests by your choice travel agent who oftentimes seems to know your tastes even better than your own kin.

And what about furniture? Even furniture may mean more to you than your clothes, shoes and travels. To whom would you entrust the task of giving form and substance to your precious home furnishing, these silent companions with whom you spend the most pleasant moments of your life?


Art and design share the same aspiration, which is, to conquer beauty, gracefulness and truth. The difference lies in the fact that while design strives to acquire also utility and concrete functionality, art generally tends to ignore these and freely indulges in what Aristotle called “free play.”

In this sense an activity defined as “art design” inevitably has a paradoxical character: it takes interest in utilitarianism and at the same time ignores it. How come? In face of these antinomies many turn up their nose and forget that as Bertrand Russell taught, all the truly important issues possess a paradoxical feature.

Here’s why we in Stradivari Design believe that an object can be rightly included in the category of “art design” only if it possesses something ineffable, undefinable and slightly paradoxical. Such an object is probably less ”useful” than a project design in the strict sense of the word, and perhaps is even less ”attractive” than a work of art. However, it possesses a uniqueness of its own which its purebred siblings do not have: it is unfathomable. It is probably due to this that when art and design do not rise to the levels of works of art, they may also be boring, whereas art design is never monotonous.

Hard to believe ? Take a look at our projects.




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