Luca Stradivari: An example of the saying: “The apple never falls far from the tree.”

It is not easy to succeed in making our lives correspond as much as possible to our most authentic, profound and even wildest desires, but Luca has always managed to do this.

Luca is strongly convinced that the biggest scam lies in the sense of guilt inculcated in us with regard to pleasure, comfort, beauty and luxury in general.

He believes that the objective is not to live in mediocrity for fear of offending the sensitivity of prigs, but rather, to help as many people as possible to enjoy the utmost of what life has to offer in terms of harmony, beauty and human relationships.

True to this aim in life, after graduating in Economics in Milan, Luca first attended a postgraduate course in design and marketing at Dauphine University in Paris, and later, a vocational training course on business administration of French limited companies. Many call themselves Europeans

Luca is one, and has always been so.

This is where the adventure started, and it was a good start, with the hi-tech of Sun Dreams in Dubai and the entire Arab Emirates, and later also in Malaysia and Thailand.

The results were gratifying and encouraged him to form his own company in France where he set up E-Services Monucchi Sarl, which deals with touristic services, real estate, business brokerage, yacht chartering and events management exclusively for first-class clientele, such as Cartier or Calvin Klein. As expected, Luca Stradivari’s company focused mostly on the highly prestigious events of the Côte d'Azur such as the Cannes Festival, the tennis Open and especially the Montecarlo Grand Prix.




Furthermore, Luca is acquainted with sports racing events due to his ”second life” as a biker. He started as a teenager with motorbike track races in the 50 cc and 125 cc categories, and later progressed to cross-country rallies with Peugeot, Renault and Lancia. It was a top-class record of achievements, given that daredevil Stradivari can boast of 25 victories in the A4 class.

Luca Stradivari applies the same unswerving determination to his work. In 2003 he decided to leave the E-Services Monucchi and move back to Italy, after which he dealt in international marketing, first for an electronic automation company and then in a company specializing in interior design supplies.

These were remarkably interesting and gratifying activities, but since the first decade of 2000 was about to end, Luca was finally ready for his ultimate undertaking. With his architect-designer friend, David Bodino, he started working on the Stradivari Design project. The mission was as simple as it was ambitious: to export the excellence of Italian design worldwide, but with the touch, taste and obsessive dedication typical of the Stradivari tradition.

That name is certainly a commitment, a responsibility which any other person would find difficult to treat with nonchalance. But not Luca, who regards it as a stimulus and a source of pride. And the results achieved by the company – and whose legendary ancestor can certainly be proud of – have been concretely demonstrated. As they say, the apple never falls far from the tree.





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